Make 100 Ideas in 2017

The Kickstarter Make 100 initiative is a really great challenge to focus on completing tasks around one central theme or idea.

I think I would like to apply this movement to reinforce better habits and to flex my creativity beyond topics and technology that I normally operate. Sure, I love augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, electronics, and tinkering in other tech but there is more to the world than computers. What I would like to try this year is applying my mind to come up with 100 ideas that don’t all heavily rely on electronics. 

Most people don’t know that I own sewing and serger machines. Or that I know my way around wood and metal shops, though welding is still not my strongest skill.

I want to spend the year looking at the world beyond a screen, applying my skills to topics and problems that maybe aren’t always glamorous but are interesting in their own ways.

Interspersed between my other posts will be these ideas. Hopefully I can present them in ways that will also get others echoed about these solutions. If not I am certain I will hear how to do it better.