Lego Math

1581 Lego bricks are more than 100 Lego bricks. 

Simple, but not something you would think you would need to consider unless you visited a Lego store. If you purchase the Lego brick bundles online you pay much, much more for the specific bricks you want compared to getting the “cup” deal that only seems to be available in a Lego store.

For a large cup of any (and they do mean ANY size or color) Lego pieces they have in the store that will fit in the cup you pay $15.00. This is much, much less expensive than paying $7.99 for 100 pieces online in the Lego store for only one shape and color. It is even better than buying individual pieces which can start at $0.07 per brick. 

This is a great incentive to bring customers into the physical stores. I know it will bring me back to build up my collection of useful bricks.