WEBP Preview in OS X Quicklook

I am hoping that as the web marches forward and new and useful file formats are adopted that OS creators will also adopt native support for them within local desktops. In the last year I’ve seen a rise in the use of Google’s WEBP image format online, but when I try to use the Quicklook feature within OS X that file format is not really supported.

But where there’s a will there’s a Github repo that usually gives a way.

After a bit of research I found that this is the OS X plugin that I feel does the best job adding the ability to view WEBP files within QuickLook with the least amount of changes to the OS: https://github.com/emin/WebPQuickLook

After running a few BASH commands from the repository’s README file I am now able to see all the locally saved WEBP files within QuickLook and don’t have to open a program to see the image’s contents any longer.

If you’re running OS X and are working with images in the WEBP file format I highly recommend this plugin.