Reluctant Stack Overflow easy points

My involvement on Stack Overflow waxes and wains, but recently I decided that before the end of the year I wanted to earn a few hundred more reputation points. One of the questions I answered was one that was only possible due to my recently having suffered through the same pains that the Dev was unable to surmount.

The problem they were having was that they could not create a new JSON configuration file for Android development because the website only shows a spinning loading graphic every time they go to the URL.

My answer is on the site, but suffice it to say Google has an error in their website that doesn’t prompt you to accept the new TOS before it will let you continue.

Now, this isn’t an isolated situation to Google. The Apple Developer portal had a similar problem years ago but this was addressed in the many updates and upgrades to the platform. Since there is no prompt the website strands users at the loading screen and does not ever load anything. Accepting the TOS within the Google Developer Console and then coming back allows the site to load properly.

I guess earning (to date) 50 reputation points for the answer is a good thing but I ultimately didn’t expect this to be the question I earned the most reputation at the end of the year.