Splash Screen: IFTTT

Since getting more into developing Apps the splash screen is something that I have always enjoyed creating as it is an opportunity to do something for the sake of cool that doesn’t have to integrate with a service or to be anything other than what it is. They are just plain fun.

I think I would like to showcase some that have made an impression on me. Some of these will be fun and others will have something they are doing that is with calling out.

The iOS App for If This Then That (commonly written as IFTTT) was originally released in 2013 and is a mobile interface into their very popular service. The complexity of what they do aside the simple way to think about them is that they connect online services to other services and devices.


What impressed me about their splash screen was that it was the first time that I had seen animation like this within an App. The way in which swiping from one state to the next builds from similar elements is very smart. Without a lengthy tutorial they are showing in this animation what it is that they provide as a service. The icons for Google Photos and other services move into recipes as you swipe, leaving a very clear correlation between an online service and recipes.

One other thing worth mentioning is that this entire splash screen was open sourced on their Github account. The framework, called JazzHands, can be used to create something like this in your own App using Objective C and is relatively painless.

It is also great to see this updated for Swift, and I am looking forward to continuing to use this for my Apps where it makes sense. Every project can use a bit of RazzleDazzle.