BASH Script to download Virtual Machines

Developing for the web means having to keep my testing environments up to date to test in all the most popular web browser and platforms around. When I’m on my Retina iMac I don’t want to always boot up my Windows machines so, like almost everyone else, I utilize virtual machines (VMs).

In order to make this go more swiftly I’ve created a script that downloads all of the VMs and places them into the correct directory. Adding the files to Virtualbox manually still takes time but that is trivial.

The script may be found here in a GIST: download script

In the future I would love to improve on this to not have to maintain my own progress meter, but there are some issues with how OS X libraries function and their not being able to monitor progress. It would also be great if there were a JSON file with links to the VMs put out by Microsoft so I didn’t have to manually update this upon their next release.

I may have to suggest that to them, it would really make keeping all my VMs up to date much more efficient.

Regardless, enjoy.