3D print of the week: Thinking Trooper

Now that I have a functional 3D printer again (more on that here) I can get back into featuring really impressive prints which I print at home. Some of these will be original pieces, but this piece comes as a Thingiverse remix: The Thinking Trooper.

At just under 2 hours to print this is a very cool model to have around as an example of what 3D printing can do. We have something that is interesting, looks well modeled, and very well prepared for printing. There was no tweaking required on my part to get this printed properly.

The images below are from my first run of this model, which yielded a successful print:

WP_20150306_07_19_41_Pro WP_20150306_07_32_38_Pro WP_20150306_07_36_47_Pro WP_20150306_07_36_30_Pro WP_20150306_08_07_35_Pro WP_20150306_08_07_55_Pro

This just looks fantastic. I think I’ll print a few more just to give to a few die-hard Star Wars junkies in my circles.