Developer Console Communication and Easter Eggs

Though you wouldn’t know it from mainstream TV, we Developers have fairly good senses of humor and an appreciation for the absurd. Leaving geek culture aside there is an entire realm of humor and playfulness to be found in code comments and console log/debug messages.

The genuine ones are the best, that come after hours of doing work that is either brilliantly original or brilliantly fixes a problem introduced by the previous commit. Commit Logs From Last Night is a good source for these and is fairly funnier the later in the day the commit gets logged. You can really feel the emotional state of the Developers sometimes.

Like most other content online there is also a generator trying to make funny commit messages that can be found on What the Commit. A lot of these are actually pretty funny and have given me some ideas to try later.

What actually inspired this blog post were two console messages I came across during a normal day of work. The first was from the Mozilla Foundation, and is a neat bit of recruiting on their part. If you are the kind of Developer that surfs the web with the Develops Console open all of the time (as I do) they probably think you may be the kind of person to work with them.

Mozilla Developer Console message

The second log message came when I went over to Facebook with the console open. This message is actually very helpful for nontechnical people.

Facebook Developer Console warning
If a person does not know what they are up to, playing in this console can introduce vulnerabilities and hazards. For as useful a tool as this is, it is also dangerous when used improperly. Cross-site scripting attacks occur much less lately but it is possible to open up the potential for this happening using the Developer Console. For more information about this see this Stack Overflow article from February 2014 about Facebook XSS scams causing them to venture down this road.

Still, pretty cool stuff. Very helpful and still a bit dangerous in the wrong hands.

As it should be.