Simulating iOS App updates for new builds

When creating Apps it’s great to be able to do updates and add features to make it better. Not every App makes it past its initial launch, some are just abandoned for various reasons. But making updates to an App already the market we’re faced with the traditional software problem of migrating legacy data and features across to the newer methodologies.

After I’d solved this problem for my day job a while back a colleague pointed me to this Apple Technical Note on testing iOS updates that also details the process of accomplishing what I had already figured out though experience, trial, and a lot of error.

We always simulate an updated build along with fresh installs to be as certain as we can that users won’t have a crash as their first experience with out Apps. This was a regular part of any App update whose workflow I manage already, but having an official Apple Developer page about the issue makes it easier for me to justify the time we spend on testing. Sometimes people want to see something official despite the logic.