New Plugin: WordPress Back To Top

Last month I successfully launched of my third WordPress plugin: WordPress Back To Top. The goal was to create a way to add a highly customizable back to top button to any WordPress theme without having to code and style by hand. What I came up with was a very versatile visual configuration screen and plugin that adds something that I know I appreciate on sites with long content pages.

To learn more about the plugin or to purchase it visit its page on Code Canyon:

There is also a live preview, including the configuration tools, online to play with here:

This configuration screen is probably one of the things I am happier with about this plugin, which may be a bit odd to say I’m more proud of the options screen than I am of what the plugin does. But it’s the truth. With the trend moving more to real time visualization and website building there should really be more plugins that let you see what the results of configuring settings will look like. Preferably without having to refresh the browser.