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Apple Developer Maintenance Page

I see this page far, far too often when dealing with anything related to the Apple Developer Portal. Every time I see this I know that I’ll be working a few extra hours that day.

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Kickstarter: One Per Person

One of the projects on Kickstarter I helped fund was successful and I got this great card and button on the mail. One Per Person is an animated short film by an ambitious group of people out in California looking to tell their story. These kinds of Kickstarter projects really get my attention. They’re not the only kinds of projects that …

Back on the blogging wagon

It’s been a while since I blogged actively. I remember it as being fun and also a good challenge to take the things that I knew and record them in a way for others to appreciate. This new blog will be my attempt to share all of the fun little fixes, tweaks, hacks, and cheats I discover in development and …